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Baby Ballet Long Island Classes: No uniform required. Just clothes they can

move easily in and soft soled shoes required.

We do have Baby Ballet Long Island class wear available through Junk Monkey LI 



Yoga: Comfortable clothes. Must bring your own mat.

Ballet and character classes:

For classes PreK,  :  Baby Blue skirted leotard

K & 1st Grade          Pink ballet shoes

                                 Black Tap Shoes

                                Hair must be tied back


2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th:   Baby Blue leotard

                                  Ballet tights or ankle socks

                                  Pink ballet shoes

                                  Black Tap Shoes

                                  Hair in a bun

Optional: For colder months a baby blue or white 

form fitting crossover/wrap sweater can be worn.

Use this link for an approved sweater

Boys Ballet:               Dancehouse Studios T-Shirt

                                  Black shorts or tights

                                  Black ballet shoes


Musical Theatre:      Dancehouse Studios T-Shirt

                                 Black shorts or leggings

                                 Ballet or Jazz shoes

                                 Hair must be tied back

Acro and Jazz:          Black Unitard, or black leotard

                                 Tan Jazz shoes or ballet shoes




Please Note:

Uniforms are part of the discipline of dance and should be worn each week. Your Uniform Class Dress, Leotard or T-Shirt is included in the Registration Fee. Shoes need to be purchased. We have sizes to try on and stock on hand so please let us know if you need anything.

Exclusive Baby Ballet Long Island and Dancehouse Studios apparel is available to order and can be ordered directly from

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