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Miss Nikki became a household name on Long Island when she started Baby Ballet Long Island after seeing a lack in education for ballet at a young age. With the continued success of the program she decided to establish a home for Baby Ballet Long Island and to open up to include older ages and other genres of dance and to bring in other like minded teachers. And so Dancehouse Studios was born. 

From an early age she spent her days in the studio with her Mum, who runs her own dance studio in England. The 14 years she studied there she learned, not only solid technique and performance skills but also team work, confidence and respect.

"My Mum has a great teaching ethos and instills an inner drive to succeed without rivalry or competition between others, which I loved and respected and hopefully pass on to my own students." 


The solid training she had as a child helped her take her love of dance to the next level and gained a place at the prestigious Northern Ballet School, Manchester. After graduating NBS with teaching certificates with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Imperial Society for the Teachers of Dance (ISTD), she enjoyed a very successful dance career all over the world working for Costa Cruise Lines, Legends, Showstoppers, Thursford Christmas Spectacular, Moore Entertainment and Paul Holman Associates to name a few.


After settling in New York, the birth of her daughter Rose was her inspiration to get back into the studio.

"I could see how much she enjoyed music and movement from such an early age so I went back to my teaching roots and decided to put together a program for her and other babies and toddlers to enjoy under the name of Baby Ballet Long Island."

The success of Baby Ballet Long Island made Miss Nikki a sought after teacher, with Moms and children. SO why stop at ballet and toddlers? Dancehouse Studios was born in 2020 to house classes under the same ethos she started Baby Ballet with.


"I hope that through my passion for teaching children, I can pass on the joy that I have had for the art for practically all my life. Dance teaches a lot of things; confidence, body awareness, team work, musicality, to persevere, discipline and that practice does make a difference, but it is also something that you can just feel, enjoy and love. Even at an early age you can see the little ones developing all the above skills. They are skills that they will use in their every day life throughout their lives."

​                                          - Miss Nikki    A.I.S.T.D, R.A.D STC

About our Founder
About our Teachers


Miss Nikki
R.A.D.STC and A.I.S.T.D

'The Boss' at Dancehouse Studios 
Head of Ballet and Tap

Nicola trained at the Northen Ballet School on a scholorship, full time 3 year graduate course. She graduated as a certified teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dance in ballet, jazz, tap and national dance.

Nicola successfully auditioned for her first job straight out of college and enjoyed an 8 year career as a professional dancer taking her all over the World.

She is now enjoying passing on her passion and knowledge of dance as the founder of Baby Ballet Long Island and Dancehouse Studios 

Jessica Grey

Musical Theater and Acro 

Madison Brown is originally from Pittsburgh and currently resides in New York City. She graduated with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Musical Theatre from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Madison values education and strives for excellence. Along with her Bachelor's degree, she holds an MS in Dance and Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She has had the opportunity to train closely under the mentorship of Milton Myers from Alvin Ailey and Kim Bears-Bailey. In addition, she has performed in works choreographed by Gary Jeter from BalletX, Marguerite Hemmings, Sidra Bell Dance New York, Tommie Waheed, Katie Swords Thurman, Jesse Zarrit, and was a soloist in Milton Myers work "Rituals." Madison has taught and choreographed for many studios and national dance competitions along the East Coast. Her choreographic experiences include choreographing the opening number for Ticket to Broadway National Dance Competition's Nationals "Callback Battle" 3 years in a row, competition choreography for multiple studios on the coast, and choreography for fellow students at the University of The Arts. By continuing to teach at studios & competitions & sharing her knowledge & passion with students of all ages, she hopes to promote an enjoyable learning environment for beginners to advanced students to express themselves & promote passion.

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