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Through fun filled, ballet based exercises, imagery and a mixture of 

classical music and song , this 30 minute structured class will have your 

dancer pointing their toes, learning to plie and tip toe-ing out of the door.  

Its a perfect introduction to dance and helps develop and instill physical and 

emotional confidence while learning a foundation in ballet. 


Advanced Toddler

Baby Ballet Long Island

Now that you are older its time to learn some of the ‘Grown Up’ stuff! 
On the list? Positions of the arms, positions of the feet, correct form, arabesque and attitude, pirouettes and sautes (jumps) to name a few. This is the best gift you can give your aspiring dancer as they will use their Baby Ballet Long Island  training for the rest of their life. We teach it right, right from the start!

 Use of ballet terms in both English and French are also used.
This is a separation class but a  caregiver is allowed to stay in the room to watch if needed.


Ballet/Tap combo

These classes focus on developing a solid ballet technique. Introducing technically correct ballet steps, positions and placement depending on their level. Age appropriate terminology, rhythm and coordination are taught which will also foster motor skills, strength and flexibility. We will also look into how the body works to gain a thorough and well rounded knowledge.

Tap: Whats not to love about having a good excuse to be noisy! Tap is a great and fun way to learn rhythms, patterns and increase coordination.


Musical Theatre 

Musical Theatre - 5-7 years


This 45 minute class is designed to introduce your child to the basics of musical theatre! In three parts, the class will consist of dancing, singing, and acting! A true trifecta of the performing arts! Classes will start with warming up the body using isolations, jazz hands, and stretching. We will then move to vocal exercises, working on getting your little one comfortable with using their voice and body at the same time! Finally, put it together with a little acting, and you have a Broadway baby on your hands. Your child will be sure to leave class feeling confident, and singing and dancing to all the Broadway classics!

Musical Theatre - 8-10 years


This 45 minute class is designed to teach your child the true foundations of Musical Theatre! In three parts, your child will dance, sing, and act! A little more advanced, the class will begin with isolations and across the floor to upbeat musical theatre songs. We will then move to vocal exercises - learning everything from scales, to full verses of Broadway songs. Your child will be exposed to musicals from the 1920s all the way through contemporary musicals such as Aladdin and Cats! When we put all of that together with some acting, you have a Broadway kid in the making! Your child will leave class feeling confident and full of joy!

Adult Ballet Class

Adult Ballet Barre

Barre workouts have become increasingly popular workout?

Adult ballet offers an all over body workout, with the added benefits of improving body tone, building strength and stamina, and increasing your general flexibility. Ballet is great for improving posture too, and you’ll soon find yourself thinking about walking ‘taller’. Through a program of barre work and centre practice, you’ll develop your ballet technique. In our opinion, there’s no more enjoyable way to work-out than taking a barre class!

Young Dance Students


Jazz and Acro

This action packed class is sure to have your dancers moving and grooving to all their favorite pop songs!

Students will begin with acrobatic type warm ups that help build strength and encourage flexibility moving onto basic Acro skills such as forward rolls and handstands. We will then move onto Jazz, learning some technical skills, moving across the floor and learning a combination. 

So much fun!

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